Two Poems
Subhobrota Ray

Young Again?

(In sympathy with some youngsters who have complained sorely !!)
Mid age crisis? What’s the pain?
So, you want to be young again?
Wish to be in your teen age, eh?
And go through that grind of the student day??
To read, to cram and by heart once more?
Into the night and the morning before
The exams, which spill over days?
That spoil your plans and fun filled ways?
Not allowing your poor mind any rest?
And you must perform and do your best??
And the stress? Oh my God!
It’s worse today that what you thought!
To be confronted then with career choice?
With too many people to drown your voice?
Run to all biddings and do what you’re told?
And you must not say “No” and not revolt?
You must not shout or be so loud?
For that’s what good manners are about?
To sleep in time and be up on time?
To be bound to the clock and its every chime??
Whew! What a life bereft of peace,
And no one lets you be at ease!
Aren’t you glad that you passed that phase?
And have broken free from those maddening days?
A bit of pain now here and there?
Well, that’s one of the things you’ll have to bear!
It’s just your joints telling you that,
They are very much there and haven’t fallen apart!
And that wrinkle on your face?
Come on! You now have enough grace!
And that wisp of grey which crowns your head?
Well, that’s “wisdom”, that’s what is said!
Aren’t you just glad to do as you please?
And now take things at your ease??

The Wait

I wait in a series of endless waits,
For the sun to rise, for dawns to break.
For seasons to change, for buds to flower,
For summers to break into a monsoon shower.
For winters to burst into a flowery spring,
I wait endlessly with my entire being.
For sickness to heal, for joys to bloom,
For laughter to erase any pending gloom.
For an idea, a call, a distant mail,
A knock, a nudge, a smile, a tale;
For the unknown, the unseen, the future ahead,
I wait endlessly with bated breath.
For light to dispel the darkness of night,
For wisdom to enlighten the slumbering mind.
For new paths to take me far and near,
For courage to dispel my worries and fear.
Will the wait be over, will I ever be free?
Will the roads take me where I want to be?

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