Life’s Musings
Tumpa Mukherjee

Darkness overpowers hope.
Future is a broken mirror.
Dreams scattered in small pieces
of crushed mirrors.
Life oscillating between despair and hope.
Intertwined threads of relationships becoming
Only to leave a deep scar in the mind.
Memories frozen in time.
Destination fades into oblivion.
In the whirlwind of time my mind gets lost
in the cesspool of words and thoughts.
Amidst the darkness of life
hope appears like a twinkling star.
The sudden sporadic sparks of light
rejuvenates my life.
I resign to bed with an effulgent soul.
My soul filled with unbound happiness and joy.

At the altar of conscience, I surrender myself.
My sins are burnt in the golden casket of fire,
purifying my withered soul.
In the last lap, I emerge victorious-
victory from mundane desire,
victory from crude emotions of hate, jealousy and, revenge
I walk alone
with head held high.
Self –esteem is my only earning.
It is like the rock of Gibraltar
-unshakeable, but pure to its core.
My victorious soul is surrendered forever
at the feet of the
invisible, ubiquitous infinite Power.

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  • Dr Arun K Upadhyaya

    Reply November 5, 2020 |

    I cannot say much than merely saying I love this poet in you.Keep it up.Ma Saraswati ,her special blessings r with you.U a soldier with the mighty pen.

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