The Letter Lore

Monika Kothari

I was not just a piece of paper

I carried emotions that connected souls,

Just the sniff of my pages

Still brings all the nostalgic to the bowl.

Let it be near or far

Distance never bothered me,

All I wanted is an addressee

And I am all ready to flee.

Formal or informal

They both suit me well,

You all run through for me

When the postman rings the bell.

A tradition I was

That was followed by generations,

But was relinquished in the name of

Emails and social media equations.

Yes, I was not just a piece of paper

I answered many joy and sorrows

Now tucked in a bucket of memories,

I will bring euphoria and yanks

For a couple of centuries.

Buried deep in the hearts of many,

I will be soon be a folklore

I am the Letter

That would always be missed for not being anymore!


  • Vipin

    Reply June 27, 2021 |


  • Ruchika

    Reply June 27, 2021 |

    You have used your words well with the emotions 👍 well done

  • Sandeep

    Reply June 27, 2021 |


  • Bharati Rawal

    Reply June 27, 2021 |

    you have done a great job..👍

  • Kamna

    Reply June 27, 2021 |


  • Deepak

    Reply June 28, 2021 |

    Very well written… Good job & keep it up!!!

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