Love is the key
Uma Sharma

I thought he was just trying to be interesting. He said we are soul mates. I looked at him and he smiled. There was mischief playing in his eyes. I didn’t believe him, nobody can. A soulmate, Duh! That’s a line straight out of an Archie’s card!!

He smiled again as if reading my thoughts.

I expected him to say , ‘why I don’t believe him .’ Instead, he said, ‘you have the key.’ I was taken aback. I asked him , what did it mean? As usual with mischievous eyes he smiled and left.

A decade has passed and I still think about the key. Does it mean, a key to the past? But past is passed. The future is unknown. Then, it’s the present. The key belongs to the present. The key is for every moment I live. I have and only I have the power to open it. It is the present moment that connects to the past. It is never ending it is eternity. Eternity!!! What happened in the past and what is happening in the present is Love. Is Love eternal? Yes it is

Now, I know it is Love. The key is Love. He was right we are soulmates.

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