Kasturika Mishra’s Poetry

Swirling herself on path of pain,
Searing to showcase her real asset for him,
he awaits a chance to nip her buds,
In a rush, she decks up for private view!
He is nonchalant, recoiled from ugly signs of ruling her body last night,
You are my doll to be played anytime of the day,
You are my unclaimed property to sire and hire,
Howling out the awful strength of fire in her belly,
She decks up for private view!
Bound to be within boundaries,
When you are refused to cross the lines,
She washes her inner linen,
Melts her midnight candle,
Person to person she rejects her private status to public,
Until she is herself, she no longer begs to be loved,
Her eyes lose her dazzle,
As she decks up for private view!

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