Celebration of Love
Tumpa Mukherjee

I open my eyes.

The rays of sunshine kiss the locks of my forehead.

Chirping of birds welcomes the day which is

spent in a sylvan environment.

My toes get wet by rolling sea waves

touching the shores…

crushing all the mundane desires in me.

The pinkish sunsets in the horizon.

The green gold fallen tree leaves

weaves a carpet where I lie down.

In the lap of Nature, I turn the white pages

to express my wild thought with the ink of experience.

At night the canvas of the blue sky is flooded with twinkling stars.

The silver moon appears like a diamond illuminating the darkness around.

A gentle breeze soothes my wild mind.

In the wildness of Nature

In the eerie silence of the night

I gaze at the Almighty’s greatest gift –Nature.

The boundless joy and happiness it creates in me…

I celebrate the infinite ethereal Love.


  • ঝর্না বিশ্বাস

    Reply March 16, 2021 |

    Beautiful lines!!

  • Ashok Kumar Ghosh

    Reply March 20, 2021 |

    Very nice!

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